• Dr. Minsk

5 Things that Turns your Male Partner

Hair: Imagine that you are in a room with your man totally on while he is busy doing his work

How will you grab his attention ? How will you try to approach him for a good sex? Go towards him talk to him and try playing with his hairs Try to move your fingers very gently and softly over his hair .This will ensure that the sensation are passed and possibly will be helpful for turning the spice

Earlobe: Have you ever experienced the shivers when someone whisper into your ear softly? You are going to do the exact same thing. While playing with his hair just go close to him kiss his earlobe and whisper anything you want into his ears be sure that he feels your breathe in order to make grab his attention totally towards you. Don't just get into his ears completely kissing his earlobe and soft whisper would be more than enough

Neck : We all know how erotic it gets when it comes to the neck. But try to follow along While you whisper into his ears lets say 'Let's Create A Moment'. You will already have his back Now you will need your fingers to softly touch his neck your lips to kiss him on his cheeks and neck make sure when you kiss his neck you just touch your lips and don't go overboard just touch your lips and leave the shivers to work further .Touching lips will surely work more than just a normal neck kiss

Lower back ; Touch his lower back .Back are underestimated and often ignored by couples but the lower back gives the sense of security plays up with the mind and brings your partner closer for the process to take place

Nipples: Nipples will surely get erected and sensitive if you follow the above steps. Now you just need to softly touch the nipples move your hand over your man's chest kiss the nipples once or two .I am sure after this you will have the moment you wanted soo badly !


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