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Basics of Periods! When to worry ?

We know that this might be something you know ! But lets begin from the start !

What is periods ?

A period happen due to changes in your hormone. Hormones are chemical messengers. Basically every girl is capable of being a 'MOM' because of which they have eggs in their ovary these eggs get fertilise only after your sexual intercourse (penetration of penis into the vagina) when the sperm enters your body. If this process doesn't take place your release the eggs from your vagina which is then called as 'PERODS'

Are periods painful?

Periods are painful to every women at least for 2 days during the onset of periods . We don't call it painful periods we call it as period cramp because the muscles inside your body are squeezed in order to push the egg outside your vagina .


When you have irregular period for 3 months that is period after every 2 weeks one is heavy while the other one is light for 3 months

2. When you see blood after your menopause that is the age where your periods has stopped coming and suddenly rings the bell

3.When you have very bad cramps which doesn't let you do your regular activity

4. When your periods are too heavy that is you need to change pads after every 45 mins

(the 2nd point is a matter of concern and you need to get yourself test as soon as possible)

Can periods restart after menopause?

No! It can't run to a doctor if you find traces of blood after menopause and period like symptoms

Periods with blood clots?

Nothing to worry ! It's completely normal and a part of process also indicates a healthy vaginal health internally.

Periods with implant?

Two cases :

Case 1) If we consider contraceptive implantation then irregular, heavy, lighter and no period is common for at least 6 months and nothing to worry unless your body says different story and you feel like consulting a doctor

Case 2) If we consider pregnancy implantation then spotting (light blood which doesn't needs pad or tampons) are normal for first 2 to 3 weeks after getting pregnant But if you experience heavy bleeding run to a doctor

Periods every 2 weeks?

If you have just started your periods or your child has just hit her puberty then irregular periods can be possible . But if you notice irregularities all of sudden and periods after every 2 weeks for 2 to 3 months just run to a doctor and get yourself checked !

We have not included any terms which might disturb your peace while reading this .No illness or conclusions were made in the above blog just make sure you are healthy. After all the research we have seen that people use terms such as cancer, miscarriage, fibrosis etc which often disturb people and their mind they start getting panic and sometimes its not a matter of panic its just NORMAL!

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