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Commonly Questions on Menstrual Cups(Part2)

How Menstrual Cups are made of?

They are made of a silicon material which ensures that your Vagina is safe and doesn’t have any rashes. What comes to my mind by writing this is you need not need to use any Intimate Wash or Scented soap to keep your vagina clean. Normal water is enough for your queen. Your vagina is the queen of her own house and knows how to fight the bad bacteria. Vagina has tons of good bacteria which fight with any barrier entering your body and spill it out in form of discharge. I guess now you know why do women have a white discharge in their panties down there

Which Menstrual Cups are FDA approved?

DivaCup Menstrual Cup is the best of all the menstrual cups we have ever come across

You would have wondered when was these menstrual cups invented? Well, here’s what you need to know

Menstrual cups have been around since the year 1930. They were made of different material but later, everyone switched to Silicon manufacturing as all other materials has their negative impact

Can Menstrual Cups get stuck?

If you are a first-time user or have been using menstrual cups for years, they might get stuck if you inserted it in the wrong way!

Rescue for a stuck Menstrual Cup?

Step 1) Relax yourself. You need not need to worry. It’s normal and can be removed

Step 2) Make sure you pinch the bottom of the cup, which ensures the Vacuum exit from the air holes

Step 3) If pinching doesn’t rescue you from the stuck cup, squat down squats will extract pressure and let your cups come out

Step 4) while squatting pressurize as if you are giving birth to the cups, same as pooping

Can I wear menstrual cups during sex?

Penetrative sex, like penis-in-vagina sex, inserting sex toys, or fingering, is not possible while wearing a menstrual cup. If you want to have penetrative sex in your period, just remove your menstrual cup. Try to avoid penetrative sex for the first two days of your periods because of heavy blood flow. If you are comfortable with the gross, you can relax your vaginal muscles.

Try with clitoris stimulation and masturbation during a period as it relives your cramps, opens your blood vessel and spills out your anxiety for some time to some extent


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