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Hair FREE DAYS !All About The Razor's

How long does women razors lasts ?

One blade of the razor lasts for 1 month ! Try to Refill your razor once you find that its getting difficult to remove your hair or the blade has got comparatively ruff from what it was!

Wash your razor after every use and keep it in a clean place cause if exposed to moisture and air the blade has high chances of getting oxidise .After shaving don't forget to moisturise your body because after shaving all your dead skin comes out and the body is dry at that time drench your skin with moisturiser

Ever wondered when and where was Women razor invented ?

Gillette introduced the first razor marketed specifically to women, called the Milady Decollette, in 1915.

Women razor for pubic area ?

Gillette Venus Razor is the best Razor for pubic area as per our research

Difference between men and women razor ?

Men’s razor blades have a greater angle, so they’re better-positioned to cut through dense facial hair. Women’s razors don’t need the same angle to get through softer body hair. In fact, the blade exposure of a men’s razor can lead to more cuts if a woman uses it on her body.

Does use of razor makes skin dark?

No! I have been using razors since 1 year now and have found no changes in my skin colour

The growth of hair depends on DNA which will not give you thick daunting hair in the body

But one thing I have noticed while shaving is when we don't shave our body towards the direction of our hair we tend to have thick hair growth and the reason is still unknown to me ! Moreover, a part of my leg has grown spiky hairs which feels rough if not shaved just the ankle part of my leg no the entire body !So be careful while shaving down be in a hurry !

What do we recommend?

You can shave your body using razor but try to get yourself waxed after every 6 months of shaving .Let your body grow maximum hair and get the waxing done because waxing will pull out all the ingrowth hair which razor's don't .If someone finds your skin getting darker its because your hair has been cut from the baseline and not pulled unlike waxing .Once, you wax you will get your skin colour originally as it was !


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