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All About Masturbation !

Masturbation isn't unhealthy for you at all ! Masturbation is considered to be healthy and good for your health both mentally and physically

And it’s pretty much the safest sex out there — there’s no risk of getting pregnant or getting an STD

When you have an ORGASM your body releases hormones block pain and make you feel good.

Following are the health benefit of masturbation :

  • release sexual tension

  • reduce stress

  • help you sleep better

  • improve your self-esteem and body image

  • help treat sexual problems

  • relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension

  • strengthen muscle tone in your pelvic and anal areas

Masturbation let's you figure out what's good for your pleasure and how do you want to be sexually touched? How much pressure do you like ? Do you prefer slow or fast sex !

Some people masturbate often — every day, or even more than once a day. Some people masturbate closer to once a week, once every few weeks, or every now and then. Some people never masturbate, and that’s fine too. All of these are perfectly normal.

Masturbation only becomes “too much” if it gets in the way of your job, your responsibilities, or your social life.

As per our research, some people often Masturbate for diverting their mind or to escape from an emotional breakdown which makes them addicted to masturbation.

We don't suggest people to masturbate for Escapes! Rather just face your emotional breakdown Move on and then start masturbation to embrace your body not to Run away from your situations


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